And also for the manufacture of food packaging, shoe boxes and packaging for dishes. Such packaging clearly positions the brand of the company. On the shelf in the store, goods in such packaging will compare favorably with the products of competing companies. The packaging looks prestigious, professional design confirms the quality of the goods. The buyer is already interested. This packaging really "sells". Laminated materials are mainly used where greater rigidity and thickness of the advertising structure is required with high requirements for image quality. To do this, the image is printed on offset machines and then laminated onto a base of the required thickness and rigidity. The lamination method is widely used in the manufacture of gift packaging from laminated microcorrugated cardboard and POS materials. The paper to be glued is called a liner. As a liner, as a rule, paper or cardboard with an image printed on it is used. The lower rigid base is simply called the base. As a liner, we can use paper with a density of 170 g/m2 or cardboard from 180 g/m2. At your request, the liner can be coated with UV varnish or laminated. Corrugated cardboard, microcorrugated cardboard or binding cardboard can be used as a base. The pressing process consists of two operations: automatic application of the adhesive composition to the base and automatic pressing by a press. A laminating machine is not a high precision (0.5 mm sheet alignment accuracy) like a printing press, and therefore laminating materials cannot be subject to the same requirements as solid materials such as plain paper or chromersatz board.

Pizza box

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