05xx - boxes collected using brackets, ribbons, glue from parts of the type of frame, as well as individual parts such as a frame (sorcerer) for other types of drawers;

Код FEFCO: 0501
Код FEFCO: 0502
Код FEFCO: 0503
Код FEFCO: 0504
Код FEFCO: 0505
Код FEFCO: 0507
Код FEFCO: 0508
Код FEFCO: 0509
Код FEFCO: 0510
Код FEFCO: 0512

Яндекс.Метрика Рекламный Украинский портал. Тендеры швейного производства

Pizza box

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The company "Ufipak" was founded in 2002. Our specialization is the manufacture of corrugated cardon, kashirovo packaging and presentation materials from corrugated cardon. We have our own production capacities, a full cycle of manufacturing corrugated


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