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UFIPAK LLC is a stable, but also dynamically developing company.UFIPAK

Our experience will help you to present your product in the best possible way.

The production workshops of the company are equipped with modern equipment, thanks to which we are able to meet any customer requirements. In addition, an outstanding approach to business and high professionalism of employees favorably distinguishes the company from the rest and allows us to provide high service to our customers.

The company manufactures corrugated products (corrugated box, corrugated box, corrugated tray) of varying complexity and configuration:

Four-valve corrugated boxes of various sizes, from small ones for foodstuffs to corrugated boxes for packing TVs and refrigerators. Used white and brown corrugated cardboard with the possibility of printing.

Prefabricated corrugated trays of complex configuration. Produced by flat and rotary cutting. Corrugated trays are used for packing and transporting vegetables, meat and dairy products, and more. etc. We use white and brown corrugated cardboard and microcorrugated cardboard with the possibility of printing.

Laminated packaging (from corrugated cardboard and microcorrugated cardboard with a full-color outer layer made by offset method).

Employees of the company will help you in choosing the right corrugated packaging for your product, namely: they will design the best design of cardboard packaging for your product, select the most correct brand of corrugated cardboard, taking into account the characteristics of the product, advise on applying flexo printing

Our contact phone:
237-91-12, 063-237-91-12, 044 592 72 19

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The main thing about us

14+ days for manufacturing

Any batch of products including the development and manufacture of a stamp

3+ days to develop a layout

As well as the manufacture of color tests and pilot sample

Our delivery

From a warehouse in Kyiv to anywhere in Ukraine

67+ partners

We are constantly cooperating with the cats, and whose products are always in our packaging

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Pizza box

For the order, development and purchase of a finished pizza box, you should contact the manager

t. 063 237 91 12

   044 592 72 19

About Us

The company "Ufipak" was founded in 2002. Our specialization is the manufacture of corrugated cardon, kashirovo packaging and presentation materials from corrugated cardon. We have our own production capacities, a full cycle of manufacturing corrugated


You can use us for contact with us:
fonW(044) 237 91 12
fonW(063) 237 91 12
fonW(044) 432 29 73
bilenWKonoplyanska St., 18 
      Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine